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The Hire Process

with Lexlee Overton

Using talent optimization, we help law firms build winning teams that are confident, happy and able to deliver results and thrive--no matter the climate!
We'll work together to create your very own interactive hiring process that includes an informative and compelling landing page, online application, and applicant assessment.
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Meet Lexlee

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Lexlee Overton is a fifth-generation trial lawyer, mindset expert, creator of Mind Over Law, the method to Become the Happiest Lawyer you Know, and The Power Four.  She is also a certified Team Performance Leader + Engagement and Productivity Consultant with the Predictive Index and an expert in optimizing talent to create winning teams!

Catch her LIVE every week on the Mind Over Law: Become the Happiest Lawyer You Know Facebook page. She is also featured on the Insight Timer app as a top Meditation and Mindset Teacher.

Lexlee's Live Schedule:

Mindset Monday: Mondays 8:00am CST

Winning Teams: Thursday 12:00pm CST

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The Hire Process includes:

  1. Coaching by Lexlee: You'll meet with Lexlee to discuss your hiring goals and exactly what you're looking for in potential candidates. Lexlee will help you design a job description that will attract the right applicants, application questions that collect the information you're really looking for, and she'll analyze assessments to help single out the perfect person to join your team.

  2. Landing Page: We'll create a one page website giving applicants all the information they'll need to get to know your company before beginning the application process. The page includes information about your law firm, the available positions, and exactly what you're looking for in potential candidates.

  3. Typeform Questionnaire: An interactive application specifically designed for your hiring needs. You'll be able to collect all the necessary information from potential candidates, including a resume, writing samples and employment history.

  4. Predictive Index: You will receive a year's subscription to the Predictive Index (PI) Hire module. We will create a gold-standard pattern for the position you need to hire.

  5. Job Posting: We'll publish your job posting on your Linkedin page, informing potential candidates that you're looking to meet them.

  6. Job Screening: We will help you to screen all candidates for the role and provide you with science backed data and analytics to recommend candidates you should invest in interviewing based on their collective behavioral and technical attributes. We will help provide training for how to effectively interview and onboard candidates for specific roles, using their PI profile. We’ll provide unique interview questions comparing each candidates patterns with the job targeted. These questions are designed to confirm the candidate’s job fit to your job target and explore areas of alignment and misalignment.

How Will We Use The Predictive Index?

  • Analyze your current team so you can understand each employee’s ability to perform as required and learn how each of your team members are wired to behave under stress at work. You will understand what motivates and inspires your team to help them be high performing superstars.
  • Receive a Personal Snapshot that displays what each employee’s and candidate’s workplace behavior will be, and know exactly what they need to be happy, productive and successful.
  • Create a gold-standard pattern for the position you need to hire. 
  • Create a job description that includes both the PI pattern best suited for the role, as well as the technical expertise required. You will know if candidates can do the job the way you want it done before you even meet them. You'll stop wasting time interviewing the wrong people.
  • Deliver specialized assessments to candidates during  the application process, making the process of finding the right match as simple as possible.
  • Develop a behavioral report for each candidate that provides details on the candidate’s strongest behaviors, their management styles of people and tasks, their selling style, and their influencing style.
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1 | Meet with Lexlee

Lexlee will use Predictive Index techniques to help you create a powerful hiring model that works for you. Click here to schedule your Hire Process consultation today!

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2 | Complete the Hire Process

 You'll complete a Hire Process Questionnaire. We'll collect information about you and the position you're looking to fill in order to build your Landing page and Typeform application. You'll be able to get as specific as you'd like, so we can curate the perfect and personalized experience for attracting new candidates to your team. Any additional photos and longer videos can be sent to [email protected].

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|  Welcome a new member to your team!

We'll create an interactive application process specially designed just for YOU.  Before it goes live, you'll have the chance to review and make any changes. The final product will be published, and you'll be on your way to welcoming the perfect new member to your team!

The Hire Process Questionnaire

Once you've signed up for Leadpages and Typeform, you'll be able to complete The Hire Process Questionnaire.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Leadpages, Typeform, Linkedin account login info
  • Information about your law firm and your hiring positions (your firm's values, mission statement, any branding specifics, and the title of position for hire)
  • Photos and videos you'd like to include on your landing page (please note that additional media + documentation can be sent to [email protected])

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]

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The Hire Process with Lexlee Overton

Photos + Video

Want to include more photos and longer videos?

Sounds great!

Please send additional photos, videos and/or documents to

(Note that if videos are already published (on Youtube, Vimeo, your website, etc.), their links can be shared in The Hire Process Questionnaire!)