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DREAM teams don’t form by accident. You achieve team cohesion and continuity by intentionally aligning your people and your goals.

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The best teams are magic. Roles and personalities complement each other. The whole becomes greater than the parts. Performance soars. 
We teach how to maximize the individual strengths and talents of each member of your team, leading to a team that is committed and invested in your practice. 
We help you design an operational manual (plan) so you have greater control over money, case flow, and most importantly, your time.
We teach you communication secrets and skills so that you can influence and inspire your essential relationships -- with your team, clients, jurors, judges, and (even) opposing counsel
Harness your core values so that you can create a team culture and achieve consistency, efficiency, and results.

WEAK Teams Create Chaos, Will Cost You Time, Money, Create Unhappy Clients, and Losing Results.

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Does your team suffer from “putting out the hottest fire” syndrome instead of taking proactive, creative, and consistent action to move your cases forward?
Do you find yourself thinking the following? “I have to do everything for it to be done right,” or “It feels like I am always waiting for someone else to complete their action items,” or “I just don’t know how to manage the constant chaos.”
Is your team out of sync and overwhelmed, without a clear, actionable plan to best advocate for your clients on a consistent basis?
Do you worry about your leadership abilities, feel like you are constantly repeating yourself, and struggle to unite your team to work toward the same goals?

Are you Ready for a Focused, Productive, Synchronized Winning Team?

Your team must be a cohesive unit, working in sync, focused on being warriors for your clients.
To do so, training must happen long before setting foot in the courtroom… It’s about bonding on a deeper level, knowing each other’s strengths and most valuable contributions.
It’s also about understanding each other’s fears and self-limiting patterns. 
A strong trial team has complete trust in each other, knowing work is a safe place that fosters creativity, honesty, and out-of-the-box thinking. 
Without this, you may win, but you won’t win consistently. And, you’ll encounter energies of resistance, overwhelm, and fear that will slow you down, harming your team and your clients.
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Cohesive, Proactive, Creative Teams for WINNING RESULTS

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I understand the unique challenges in the practice of law. I’m a 5th generation lawyer. I’ve been watching lawyers work my whole life. As a young lawyer, I quickly began to have a heavy caseload with lots of trials. This meant I learned how to be a team leader, right out of the box. I learned quickly that my staff and my co-counsel were literally an extension of myself, so we had to figure out the secrets to productivity and synchronicities. 
Since then, I’ve taught thousands of lawyers how to increase the productivity, focus and motivation of their teams and how to create a team culture that inspires everyone to work for the whole. I’ve created a system that is about bonding members to know and trust each other on a deeper level. Because if you go to battle together, don’t you want to know and trust the person who has your back?
You need a team that is clear on joint values, visions and strengths, embraces fear,  and finds purpose in the goals of your practice.
My commitment to you: Your team will be changed on individual and team levels. You will be deeply connected, be inspired by your desire to be authentic in your work and feel confident in the next steps on your path together.


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1. Discover Your Leadership Style

Understand yourself. Learn how your behavioral drives manifest as a people manager and leader. 

Improve your management style by exploring your natural strengths and caution areas.

Develop new leadership skills through actionable self-coaching tips.

2. Hire the Best Talent

Wave goodbye to mishires
Imagine if your applicant tracking system sorted itself based on the highest predictors of job success. It can and should. 

Know the right fit for any role.
Pinpoint the ideal fit for any role and streamline your recruiting process.
  • Avoid the hassle of vetting bad fits or scouring LinkedIn. Get deep candidate Insights upfront with the PI Behavioral Assessment™ and PI Cognitive Assessment™.
  • Align your hiring managers and human resources on an ideal candidate profile for every role using proven science and the PI Job Assessment™.
  • Transform your job description into a behavioral and cognitive target–so you know exactly where to focus. 
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Zero in on your best candidates.
Find the best fit faster than ever with the number one pre-employment recruiting software on G2 Crowd.
  • Get a candidate list that sorts itself based on the highest predictors of job success.
  • Go beyond the resume and standard applicant tracking–with PI you’ll screen out unqualified applicants instantly through trusted science and data.
  • Remove bias from your hiring process by giving all candidates the same experience.
Interview Effectively
Scientifically proven to predict candidate success.
  • Generate objective interview questions automatically for each candidate to pinpoint job fit and caution areas.
  • Evaluate every candidate with confidence and assess areas of potential misalignment.
  • Make the most of every interview–by helping your interview team understand where the candidate may have to adapt. able self-coaching tips.
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3. Build teams that drive results.

Improve Employee Performance.
Know how to build and inspire high-performing employees and teams.

Without training, lawyers often manage people the same way, ignoring individual needs and preferences. Frustrations grow. People stew in silence. High performers leave. Understand how to interact with individuals to solve problems and increase their drive. With our scientifically proven assessments and coaching tips, performance will soar. 
Build relationships that thrive.
  • Solve "people" issues in a flash. Discover how any two people work together and get instant recommendations.
  • Become a better leader by building your emotional intelligence and facilitating more effective conversation.
  • Instill confidence in your team that you’re listening and acting upon their feedback.


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  • Bring back the excitement.

  • Inspire your team to crush their goals.

  • Feel the joy of working on a team that trusts each other.

  • It all starts with aligning business strategy with people strategy 

You will master the art of building a powerful team that is truly committed to and invested in your practice.

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*Our work together will meet the Wellness Commitment encouraged by the American Bar Association. Your team will receive CLE credits for our communication, mindset and leadership training.


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"Recently, our law firm brought Lexlee in to help us identify what separates us from other firms in the community. We were looking to transition into the firm we all wanted to become. Lexlee facilitated the conversation and directed us when we were stuck. She is one of the most creative, spontaneous, and innovative persons I've ever met.
Lexlee left us with a mission statement, a set of unifying values and goals, and a to-do list to accomplish these goals. We bonded and celebrated everything we do better than anyone on the planet. Lexlee challenged and motivated and left us in a much better place. I would highly recommend Lexlee."
- Don Malarick - Ohio Trial Lawyer
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"When I was introduced to Lexlee, my life was chaotic; I was managing, but I wasn't living. I had not made time to enjoy the life I had built, honor myself with the gifts that come with personal success, or really even get to know myself at all. I was a very successful lawyer, a great friend and my own worst enemy.
In the short time I have worked with Lexlee, the changes have been phenomenal. I’ve made changes inside, where it counts the most.
For the first time in my life I feel loved, I feel at home, and I feel deserving of good things. Although most people cannot physically see the changes, those closest to me can feel them: the extra boisterous laugh, the twinkle of excitement in my eyes, the peacefulness I exhibit under extreme stress."
- Jacqueline Ford -  Oklahoma Trial Lawyer
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"There’s a lot of anxiety that comes with being a lawyer... and especially being a solo practitioner. I asked Lexlee to help me by being an objective eye to review the year past for my firm. She looked at the past financials, case load, marketing, and my own time allocations. It was really helpful to have someone else review things and give me insights into situations I wasn’t seeing for myself.  She gave me suggestions for how to spend my marketing time, case load and being selective about it, and how to balance my life so I could better manage everything.
That also came in handy when my anxiety would climb later in the year. Then, I could reach out to Lexlee who, due to the earlier work she had done, already knew my issues. With a one hour session, she could help me get back to a productive mode rather than letting the anxiety cycle get worse.  Quite frankly, I don’t know how solos do it without someone like Lexlee to help keep our sanity!"
-Laurie Kholler - Oklahoma Trial Lawyer
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Lexlee Overton is a mindset expert helping thousands of lawyers to achieve superior levels of performance, both in and out of the courtroom. 
As a leading coach for lawyers and law firms seeking to accelerate their progress, producing breakthrough results, Lexlee specializes in guiding clients to achieve rapid and lasting change.  
As a trial lawyer, Lexlee maintained a winning record of extensive verdicts on behalf of her clients in complex litigation cases involving serious injuries and wrongful death. 
For almost 15 years, Lexlee has received advanced training in the study of human behavior. She uses this to assist lawyers across the country in having rewarding relationships with their clients and profitable law practices.  
Today, Lexlee’s career is expanding into providing consulting and coaching services for law firms, lawyers and she leads empowerment workshops and masterminds across the country.
Lexlee created the Mind Over Law Method to help her clients learn how to use scientifically proven techniques to train their minds to release stress, anxiety, and fear, in order to become power performers and love what they do all at the same time.
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