PowerBrain Meditations for the Legal Mind


Train your brain for peak performance under pressure with a scientifically-proven method.

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Over 20 years, I have worked with thousands of stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt-out lawyers all looking to do the same thing: Perform at their absolute best for their clients. 

In fact, during the 20 years I spent as a successful trial lawyer, the stress took a serious toll on me - mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

While many seek outside resources and methods to do this, what they fail to see is that they already have what they need to become Power Performers - their mind. 

All they need to do is learn the tools to strengthen and sharpen their attention, focus, and clarity. 



  • Train your brain to operate at peak performance - even in the most high pressure situations, allowing you to find balance during challenging times.
  • Increase the Alpha Brain Waves associated with attention, focus, and clarity to help you handle the demands of clients and opposing counsel with ease. 
  • Stimulate and strengthen the prefrontal regions of your brain, improving your problem-solving abilities. 
  • Develop the ability to change the pathways of your brain for stronger concentration and a greater ability to avoid distractions. 
  • Learn how to de-trigger your Central Nervous System from the Fight or Flight reflexes that stressful stimuli set off, allowing you to be calm in the face of overwhelming and difficult situations.
  • Lower your overall stress levels, which in turn lowers inflammation levels in your body, leaving you physically healthier and more energetic. 
  • Be a happier, healthier, and more effective lawyer (and person).  


EVEN if you struggle to clear your mind
(spoiler alert: it's OKAY to have thoughts during your meditations!) 


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For 20 years, Lexlee Overton has been a successful entrepreneur and business owner.  

As a trial lawyer, Lexlee maintained a winning record of extensive verdicts on behalf of her clients in complex litigation cases involving serious injuries and wrongful death.

She is a member of the Louisiana Association for Justice, American Association for Justice, and is licensed to practice in all Louisiana State and Federal Courts. After completeing Trial Lawyers College in 2002, Lexlee joined the staff of the college teaching trial lawyers cross the country how to be transformative in the courtroom by learning to tell their clients' stories from a place of passion and authenticity.

Not only is Lexlee the owner and managing attorney of her own law firm, but she is also the founder and President of the Board of Lexlee’s Kids, one of Louisiana’s foremost non-profit organizations dedicated to injury prevention of children.

For almost 15 years, Lexlee has received advanced training studying human behavior, which she uses to assist lawyers across the country in having rewarding relationships with their clients and profitable law practices.

Today, Lexlee’s career is expanding into providing consulting and coaching services for law firms, lawyers and various business professionals. 

She helps her clients learn how to use scientifically proven techniques for training their minds to release stress, anxiety and fear to become power-performers and love what they do -- all at the same time.