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Ready To Become The Empowered Lawyer You've Always Wanted To Be?

Strategic Leadership Workshop for Women Lawyers


We are the change.

Be Your Own (S)Hero

Begin the journey to discover your deepest feminine power, passion, and purpose.

  • Does practicing law feel like an uphill battle?
  • Do you struggle to balance your life with your practice?
  • Do you have the feeling that you could be doing more to be a better lawyer?
  • Do you want to let go of caring about what others expect and step into embracing your own power?

It's time to think like a trailblazer, a visionary, and an entrepreneur.

You know what you want from your life and legal career but you wonder if it’s actually possible. You and your fellow lawyers are overwhelmed and exhausted. You want to do law and life differently.

If you want something different, you need a different strategy. You need to challenge the status quo and refuse to settle.

To truly do things differently, you must step outside of your normal routine and into a creative, supportive space built specially to envision where you want to go and create a solid plan to get there. 

You’re invited to join a small group of female lawyers in an intimate setting for the encouragement, guidance, and inspiration you need to practice law and lead in a different way- a way that helps you to let go of fears, shrug off the expectations of others, and embody your own authentic power, voice, and truth.

Come to remember why being a lawyer is your calling and then learn to do it your way.

Strategic Leadership Workshop
for Women Lawyers

🗓️ September 7th-11th, 2022 | Costa Rica

🗓️ October 6th - 9th, 2022 | Sedona

🗓️ November 30th - December 3rd, 2022 | New Orleans

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This Workshop is Perfect for You

  • Yearn for a way to release fear and fuel your practice and life with excitement and resiliency.
  • Want to proactively plan instead of merely reacting to what is happening around you.
  • Are excited to shatter limiting patterns and beliefs and step into who you really want to be, both in and out of the courtroom.
  • Are ready to discover how to practice law and lead with awareness, presence, and authenticity.

Don’t lose another year of your life, hoping things will improve on their own.

It’s time to take real action and create the change you want.

The truth is that you can EVOLVE into whatever you want. The time is now.


Join Lexlee Overton, Founder + Creator of Mind Over Law, for this Two-Day Strategic Leadership Workshop for the Unstoppable Woman Lawyer

This isn’t your typical Continuing Legal Education (CLE) or professional development workshop. It’s an outside-the-box, energizing experience to help you create what is best for your life and law career.

I understand the unique challenges inherent in the practice of law. I’m a 5th generation lawyer. I’ve been watching lawyers work my whole life. As a young lawyer, I began with a heavy caseload and lots of trials. I learned quickly that I could become lost in the demands of a trial practice which created not only overwhelm but exhaustion. It was hard to keep my head above water. After a few short years, I was burned out. I lost sight of my true vision and purpose as a lawyer and as a leader.

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I set out on a path to figure out how to do the practice of law differently. I wanted to know how to thrive, not just survive.

I started studying and creating. Today, using psychology, meditation and mindset practices, and Eastern Energy medicine, I've developed a modern-day approach to help lawyers release anxiety and fear, using scientifically proven techniques to train their minds to become powerful performers.

Along with group and one-on-one coaching, I lead mindset workshops,  mastermind programs, team building workshops, and VIP intensive trial preparation workshops for lawyers and trial teams.

Are you ready to become the happiest lawyer you know?

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What to Expect:

Honest, open conversations, live coaching, strategic, visionary planning, masterminding with other powerful women lawyers, tapping into your creative power through experiential exercises, and most importantly, breakthroughs.

Step Into Your Power and You Will:

  • Understand your unique power and how to use it.
  • Let go of what is expected and become centered and confident in who you are.
  • Know how to instantly shift to a power performance mindset for increased productivity, focus, and clarity.
  • Develop a warrior mindset and tap into the power of courage to create big wins in your law practice.
    Instantly find solutions to your biggest challenges - from difficult clients to difficult cases - by training your brain for creative problem-solving.
  • Know how to tap into resiliency and lead change in your life.
  • Become an empowered leader and begin designing your life according to a fulfilling vision.

Come with a willing energy and leave with a visionary plan.

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Workshop Highlights

During the day, we will immerse ourselves in experiential learning, both with group and individual work sessions.

We'll learn how to tap into mastery - the skill of creating a life you want to lead.

There will be an opportunity for networking and play in the evening. 


You will have access to a special room rate at our hotel or can choose your own from the wide variety offered in the city.

Breakfast for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and lunch for Friday and Saturday are included.

4 hours of CLE (pending approval)

You’ll leave with a clear vision for your law practice, guided practices and reflection exercises to access resiliency and grit, daily mindset tools, and record meditations to empower your mindset and energy for greatness.

You’ll also receive exclusive access to an online private community dedicated to continued connection, support, and sharing.


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Laurie Koller, Trial Lawyer

“I’m a trial attorney and own my own firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the darkest part of the pandemic, working with Lexlee gave me support and helped me to see the opportunities to grow.”

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Betsy Brown, Trial Lawyer

“Working with Lexlee has helped our firm to excel to our most prosperous year yet. From work-life balance to financial success, Lexlee provides innovative strategies to be better entrepreneurs, better women, and better lawyers.”

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Donna Compton, Trial Lawyer

“I am a partner in B.I.C. Legal in Oklahoma. Working with Lexlee helped us grow and create the next level, personally and professionally.” 

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Jacqui Ford, Trial Lawyer

“In a short time, the changes have been phenomenal. I’ve made changes inside, where it counts the most leading to more flow, ease, and even peacefulness under extreme stress”.